Create a convenient path network

Our simulator will show you where pedestrians will walk comfortably.

Draw a map

Upload a DXF design or draw a map on top of an Open Street Map or your own image.

A detailed description of the work:

Submit your map for processing

Our server will process your map. The simulation can take about an hour for a 100х100-meter map with several buildings.

Waiting time can be longer and depends on the server load

Get the result

Results can be obtained using a direct link

The results can be used in park or garden design to make the path network comfortable for pedestrians.

Examples of work

Please check our blog (in Russian) for examples of simulation for various yard and park projects:

... and there are many more.

Using the recommendations of the algorithm (the scheme in the middle) designers could have avoided design flaws which turned lawns into mud marshes, as can be seen in the photo to the right.

Lectures and seminars

on the design of convenient pedestrian networks

We enjoy sharing our experience and talking about proper design of path networks.

During a 1.5-hour lecture we can tell you about general principles, most common problems in pedestrian network planning and ways to avoid them..

This will help students avoid most common problems and make much more comfortable parks and courtyards..

Please contact us at if you are interested!

Our partners

Public organizations

We cooperate with communities of activists and individual citizens who carry out civil control of city territory improvement projects..

Educational institutions

We hold lectures for students of town-planning and architectural institutions of St. Petersburg.


We provide services to commercial design offices that would like to improve the quality of their projects.

Start making the urban environment comfortable for people today!

Upload your map to our service and it will show you all the errors and uncomfortable places in the pedestrian infrastructure

Service is currently available in test mode. It is free for use but bugs and errors in predictions are possible..

In the future, it is planned to introduce payment to maintain our infrastructure..